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Move In Day...

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Well, it's finally here! 7/19/22 will be my move-in day (surprise: a little early, it's truly like Christmas in July)! I am a big ball of nerves, but I think it's mostly excitement buzzing around in my brain and belly. I have a strong desire to share my story with all of you as I grow my small biz, hence the blog post and category. My main reason for wanting to share is that I always wanted to own my own practice, but I spent the first 17 years of my career doubting myself. YES, you read that right. 17 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yep, a whole 17 !'s to show the gravity of this situation :). That's bananas, am I right? Now, that is not to minimize the importance of all I learned during that time. Those 17 years showed me about how to be a compassionate, caring, smart and talented Speech-Language Pathologist, but if I'm being totally honest, it should have never taken me 17 years to get here. I want to share my story, because if I inspire just one person to REALLY go for their dreams, then I will consider my small business and blog to be a success. Stay tuned to follow along on the journey of growing Buckeye Speech Path, where I promise to be transparent and share a bit of the behind the scenes for those who are interested. More to come as I start helping pediatric and adult clients who are in need of speech therapy, corporate speech training and even specialty services, like Parkinson's disease-based therapy. ~Nikki

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