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New and Improved... (website, that is ;).

Some of you who have been around here before might notice things look a little brighter. It's been almost a year since Buckeye Speech Path has opened, and I felt it was time to update things and better represent on our site, what we have actually been busy doing. See, like all well laid plans, sometimes things don't end up like you thought they would. Life has taught me this lesson, time and time again. Sometimes it has knocked me on my rear, only to teach me I have to stand back up and try again. This first year of being an entrepreneur hasn't been too far off from that. Business has been good, it's not that, but it is that I strive to be a constant work in progress, just like my business. So, in order to settle into the good stuff, I've had to do a lot of soul searching while listening to the big guy so I can figure out the best ways to use these gifts I've been given to help others. For me, this has looked like seeing children again, and connecting with parents who want help. Bonding with them over the care and concern of their children, and even making some friends along the way. It has meant seeing adult clients in their home and helping give them a voice. This has meant thinking outside the box and figuring out ways to help many, not just a few. It has meant redoing my office space to better accommodate my clients. It has meant dreaming big and laying plans for the future. It has looked like obtaining new certifications, making new networking connections, and optimizing my time and focus on my own business and family. That brings me here and now, it's a fresh start and I couldn't be happier. Stick around to see what we are up to, I hope you will be a part of our journey as we keep on growing and learning!

~Nikki ;)

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