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Welcome to Buckeye Speech Path, a boutique based private practice offering a unique range of services. We specialize in providing truly individualized person centered care across the lifespan, helping you meet your goals in the shortest possible time. We place your needs and desires at the center of all planning. We believe that human communication is a basic right and we aim to help our clients achieve their highest level of success in this domain, regardless of the challenges they may face. We do this by offering three pillars of care: 

1) Traditional Speech Therapy, 2) Brain Health Cognitive Wellness, 3) Corporate/General Communicaiton Training.

We provide traditional pediatric and adult speech therapy services, with a focus on stuttering, speech sound/motor speech disorders, and neurological impairment. We provide brain health wellness classes to help you improve or maintain your daily cognitive functioning in both work and home-based settings. Corporate speech and general communication training is offered at the individual and group levels for adolescents, teens and young professionals.


We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and using our gifts to help many people, not just a few! 


Medical Speech Language Pathology

Over the past 17 years, Nicole has worked in a variety of settings, ranging from inpatient acute care, acute rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, traveling Modified Barium Swallow Study diagnostician, and outpatient speech-therapy. Nicole has served both pediatric and adult populations working for the major hospital systems in the Cleveland area, completing advanced training as a fellow at The Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation (2005-2006). Nicole has significant experience managing medically complex patient cases and helping these individuals throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Expertise & Certifications

Nicole has extensive education and expertise in the areas of swallowing/swallowing disorders, motor/speech sound disorders, aphasia, pragmatic language, executive functioning disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and stuttering.

Certifications include: 

  • Ally of Stuttering

  • Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS)

  • McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Provider

  • SPEAK Out! Provider (for patients with Parkinson's)

  • LSVT LOUD Provider (for patients with Parkinson's)

Nicole Sizler MA, CCC/SLP

Teaching & Presentations: 

  • Collegiate clinical supervisor of on campus speech clinic

  • Graduate student clinical externship supervisor

  • Invited lecturer at the collegiate level

  • Educator at resident grand rounds in medical settings

  • Presenter at various state association and professional organization conferences

Corporate and General Communications:

As a corporate speech trainer, Nicole has experience working in hospital corporate settings and consulting with small businesses and professionals. Her knowledge of using research-based methods of instruction will help you improve your executive presence and enhance your communication confidence. Find group classes offered several times a month to work on basic human communication with peers at the middle school and high school level, in a fun and interactive environment, including people with a variety of abilities. Young professional groups are also available for development of skills in the corporate setting. 


Buckeye Speech Path was established in 2022 out of a desire to provide community-based speech therapy services and help eliminate long waiting lists for both pediatric and adult clients. After working for major corporate hospital systems, it became part of our mission to provide the care that each client truly needs, getting to know our clients on an individual level and making sure that evidence-based practices are being implemented. Our company motto is "Expertise. Compassion. Holistic Care." We only accept client cases we are confident in treating. We always provide compassionate care, and we treat the whole person by addressing all areas that are impacting communication success, not just one. This is one of the many benefits of working with a small private practice. Find out more about our speech therapy services here.


It was important to us that we practice where we live, which happens to be in an easy to access location from the greater Cleveland area. As the owner and lead SLP, it has taken some time to find our niche and make sure we are offering services for underserved populations. Due to this, a special interest and focus was taken on training to serve the population of people who stutter. We have training in Avoidance Reduction Therapy (ARTS) and hope to offer group therapy and support groups with the National Stuttering Assocation (keep checking back for more information). We continue to be confident providers in childhood language delay, speech sound and motor speech disorders, along with those affected by neurological impairment. We also have knowledge of working with neuro-divergent adolescents and young adults who need to improve their executive functioning abilities and social pragmatic skills. Our team also has extensive experience in working with clients and athletes who suffer from vocal cord dysfunction and concussion. Our traditional speech therapy services can be provided in the office or via tele-health (pending the payor).

In addition, providing cognitive wellness classes to promote the importance of brain health has been a dream for some time. We have a goal to become the leader in providing PREVENTATIVE services to help promote self-care and maintain healthy cognitive functioning. 1:1 classes are provided, focusing on techniques to identify the problem and promote solutions and compensatory techniques to help simplify or improve your life. See more about our Brain health classes here. We also have several community-based initiatives in place to promote the importance of concussion management and treatment of athletes affected by this condition.


Last but not least, we are thrilled to have just launched our general communication classes for adolescent and teens. See more about our classes here. Part of our mission is to help others achieve their best communication style. We believe that communication is a basic human right, and we want to help others maximize their success in this area. Between the constant changes in technology that promote the over use of phones and social media to communicate, we find that young people are lacking skills and confidence in face to face exchanges. Also, many of these young people struggle to communicate in the classroom with verbal interactions or presentations, and they need more opportunities for practice. These classes are not a part of traditional speech therapy, although they are taught by one of our corporate speech trainers. The goal is to interact with peers who have varied levels of ability so that you become a confident communicator as you develop into a young adult. Our corporate speech trainers also offer more comprehensive training for the development of young professionals to promote strong communication abilities in the college setting, along with confidence in displaying your executive presence in the corporate workplace. Specialty seminars will also be offered as topics are requested and developed. 

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